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Step By Step Guide

Follow these five simple steps to activate your keyholding service.

Activating your Keyholding Services

Read and sign the contract and direct debit form supplied with the detailed quote and email a copy to us, our surveyor will sign a copy for your records when we visit.




Gather together and test one set of keys, alarm and access fobs, sufficient to permit us access to your property and the alarm system




Book a convenient time for our surveyor to visit, mid morning is the best time for a survey, we can then normally have the service live for you by 5pm on the same day.




Meet with our surveyor, our keyholding specialist will talk you through the process, answer any questions you might have and collect and record your keys and alarm system details, emergency contacts and other property related information. Click here for list




Send written instruction to your alarm company, once the above steps are complete we will ask you to send written instruction to your alarm company informing them that we have become your primary keyholder, we can supply you with a template letter if required.






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